Frogwilla, A Treefrog’s Story is an inspiring tale for children of all ages. When a late summer storm floods the banks of the Great Pond, a young treefrog named Frogwilla finds herself separated from her mama and papa and her beloved home, Willow’s End. Alone and scared, she soon finds the courage to venture out into the unknown on a quest to find her parents. Many obstacles await her! Along the way, Frogwilla discovers some unlikely friendships in a very hyper dragonfly named Sunshine and a shy turtle named Tucker. Together, their journey teaches them the true meaning of hope, friendship and courage.

Inspiration for Frogwilla, A Treefrog’s Story

Cheri’s grandchildren have always played a big role in her passion for writing and publishing children’s picture books. But, when one of Cheri’s grandchildren, Hannah, asked if she might consider trying her hand at writing a chapter book, Cheri wasn’t quite sure if she had the talent for jumping into another genre. Loving a challenge, it didn’t take long before Cheri decided to give it a whirl, especially after falling in love with Hannah’s e-mail address. You see, back then, Hannah had used the name, Frogwilla, for her very first e-mail address. And, Hannah loves frogs…anything and everything to do with frogs! And, as luck would have it, Cheri and her husband had a real treefrog that loved to visit their flower garden and hang out on the front deck during the summer. “I think we might have a story here, Miss Hannah!” Cheri exclaimed. And so, Frogwilla, A Treefrog’s Story began.

But, there’s more to this story! Around that same time, Hannah’s older sister, Aubrey, began to take an interest in art…not surprising to any of us since the gift of drawing runs on the Hallwood side of the family. Aubrey not only took an art class in high school, but enjoyed it so much she took some private lessons. After seeing some of Aubrey’s artwork, Cheri had another idea. Maybe, just maybe, Aubrey might consider drawing the illustrations forFrogwilla. Aubrey happily agreed, but only if Grandpa (Cheri’s husband) would give some guidance. Frogwilla was now more than a story, she was truly a family affair!

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