Michigan Library Association--Evening with An Author

Michigan Library Association–Evening with An Author

Last November I received an email from April Hughes, Marketing Coordinator with the Cass District Library, Howard Branch, asking if I might be interested in participating in an event that the Michigan Library Association was having in conjunction with their Spring Institute—2017 in Frankenmuth, Michigan.  It would be their very first “Evening with An Author” event and they were looking to feature several Michigan Authors.  I quickly checked my calendar for the March 29th date and saw it was open.  As you can imagine, it didn’t take me but a split second to answer, yes!  But I would need to contact them immediately, if I was to be considered . . . and I did!

It wasn’t long before I was contacted by Kristy Doak, one of the Directors with the Michigan Library Association, asking for my bio, profile photo, book information and book cover images.  I remember thinking, wow, this is really happening!  Now I was really getting excited!  I immediately emailed April to thank her and let her know I had spoken with Kristy and submitted my information.  Now all I had to do was wait to see if I would be one of the authors selected to participate.  A few weeks later I received a wonderful email from Kristy saying the MLA would be pleased to have me participate in their event.  How Awesome!

What a wonderful evening it was!  I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with some of our amazing Michigan Librarians, from the Upper Peninsula to my hometown.  These dedicated librarians continue to provide our communities with the opportunity to learn and grow.  Thank you for all you do!!!  And what an honor it was to be with fellow Michigan Authors;  Beth Rodgers, Sweet Fifteen, Michael P. Spradlin, The Enemy Above, Samantha Wilcoxson, Queen of Martyrs: The Story of Mary 1, Linda McLean, Wanda & Winky, Clay Boura, Leave It To Beamer Series, and Ruth McNally Barshaw, The Ellie McDoodle Diaries — each and every author sharing their passion for writing.  How wonderful to talk with someone who not only loves writing and their “Mitten State”, but also understands why you will stay up till all hours finding just the right words for your story–or not!  And meeting some of their spouses, who like yours, supports you . . . no matter what!  Yep, it was quite the night!

A special thank you to April Hughes, Kristy Doak, and the Michigan Library Association for inviting me to participate in your first “Evening with An Author.”

National Library Week — (April 9 – 15, 2017)

Ruth McNally Barshaw

Ruth McNally Barshaw

April Hughes

April Hughes

Samantha Wilcox

Samantha Wilcox

Linda McLean

Linda McLean

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  • Cheri, you are an inspiration. You had a dream, and you went for it’. You had no guarantee how it would go. How many people have a dream and do nothing, then wonder the rest of their lives, what if? You will leave a legacy, and isn’t that what we all want to do? Keep going friend, we all love watching your journey ❣️

    • Thank you for your kind words! I hope you enjoy reading my blogs.

  • Love the blog, and love you! Thank you for always being an inspiration to me. I love you, Grandma!

    • Love you too! You are too sweet! Thanks for taking time to see what Grandma is up to!

  • So happy Psi Iota Xi could help you with your tenth anniversary celebration. You go, girl!

    • Thank you Psi Iota Xi! Proud to be a Sister in this wonderful organization!

  • Love ❤️ your first blog, your beautiful new website, but most of all love seeing all those little ones you inspire with your amazing creativity, imagination and genuine desire to touch each child with your passion! Thank you for giving so much.

    • Thank you for taking time to visit my new site and read my blog! And most of all, thank you for your friendship!

  • Cheri, I am so very happy for you. It just proves that you are never too old to fulfill your dreams. I still remember back to that day at the Yankees when you had me read your “drafts,” and I remember having tears in my eyes because I was so happy for you. Keep doing the things you love, for those are the things that keep us happy.
    Love you my beautiful friend.

    • Ah yes, I remember it well! Thank you for listening and being there! And for being you!

  • Leave it to me to not catch the “autocorrect” it should say the Y…..not the Yankees! Although that would have been a fun day too!

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