Winter’s First Snowflake had been chosen as the recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award 2007 for Most Outstanding Children's Book!

"This delightfully whimsical picture book will be sure to enchant readers of all ages!"
–Julie Beukema
Youth Services Librarian, Caroline Kennedy Public Library

"Here is a book for any child who has ever looked forward to the first snow of the year. Cheri L. Hallwood and Patricia M.Rose have created this exciting children's book where a child can have the first snowfall of the year any time of the year. This beautifully illustrated and well written book will be treasure in any child's collection."

–Cindy Higham
Author of "Snowflakes for all Seasons"


The Curious Polka~Dot Present is the Silver Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award 2008!

"Every child dreams of that 'surprise present' for their birthday or special day. This book is about a little girl who receives a surprise present in the mail. The verses are lovely, and pique curiosity right to the end. The ending is wonderfully warm. The illustrations are beautiful and text leads the eye from one page to the next.

I highly recommend Cheri L. Hallwood's book, The Curious Polka-Dot Present to anyone with small children. Grandmothers would especially appreciate this for sharing with their young grandchildren."
–Maureen McMahon, Ocean Grove, VIC Australia


One Wish for Winifred Witch had been chosen as the recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award 2010 for Most Outstanding Children's Book!

"You're sure to delight little hearts and spark big imagination with this wonderful children's book, One Wish for Winifred Witch. This beautifully illustrated tale captures the author's unique lyrical rhyme style and remarkable story telling talent. A promised-to-be childrens' favorite, best read by Grandma or the author herself at special event or Pre K through 3 author's story time."
Karen Bachert, Grandmother & author of Quality of Life: 5 Stages of Retirement Success

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"I have enjoyed One Wish for Winifred Witch even more than it's redecessors. The mellifluous verse of this lighthearted saga of Winifred will warm the hearts of children and their parents with each enjoyable reading." - Paul Detrisac, MD



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