The Curious Polka~Dot Present

Written by Cheri L. Hallwood
Illustrated by Patricia M. Rose
Forever Young Publishers, ISBN-13 978-09774422-1-8, $16.99 Hardcover with Dust Jacket, 32 Pages, June 2007.

The Curious Polka~Dot Present is the Silver Recipient of the Mom’s Choice Award 2008!

More About the Book

This charming picture book truly illustrates the love between a young child and her grandmother. After much anticipation, a little girl discover what's inside a curious-looking birthday present she receives in the mail . . . something very special made just for her by Grandma. With it's playful rhyming text and brilliant illustrations, this heart-warming story is sure to be enjoyed by grandchildren of all ages.


"Every child dreams of that 'surprise present' for their birthday or special day. This book is about a little girl who receives a surprise present in the mail. The verses are lovely, and pique curiosity right to the end. The ending is wonderfully warm. The illustrations are beautiful and text leads the eye from one page to the next.

I highly recommend Cheri L. Hallwood's book, The Curious Polka-Dot Present to anyone with small children. Grandmothers would especially appreciate this for sharing with their young grandchildren."
–Maureen McMahon, Ocean Grove, VIC Australia

(5 stars) Midwest Book Review: The Curious Polka-Dot Present is a charming picturebook about a young girl who receives a mysterious present - large, oddly shaped, covered in polka-dot wrapping. She wonders what could possibly be inside, until she opens it and discovers it's a birthday present from her grandmother--a big soft doll hand-made to look just like her! Illustrated with warm color illustrations featuring soft purple, blue, pink and yellow highlights, The Curious Polka-Dot Present is a simple yet fun read-aloud story for parents to share with children.

"What a wonderful book - any child's dream. This story is beautifully told, a delight from beginning to end. You can actually feel the eagerness and excitement of the little girl as she waits in wonder and anticipation to find out about the "Curious Polka-Dot Present." It way be written with little girls in mind, but my grandson loved it. The illustrations are brilliantly done, leading you from one part of the sotry to the next with perfect understanding of the writer's thoughts. Well done Cheri, you have captured every little girl's imagination."
–Dorothy Prothero–Ormskirk, Lancashire, England

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  Lulu loves to snuggle with her new doll from "The Curious Polka~Dot Present."



From the very beginning, I knew that I wanted The Curious Polka~Dot Present to be a story about a special gift made by a grandmother for her granddaughter. I just wasn’t sure what the gift should be You see, my grandmother played a very important role in my life. Although my grandmother never made me a doll, I remember her taking the time to make doll clothes and other gifts that made me feel very special. So again, I pondered, what gift should it be?

After my grandmother passed away, I received her sewing machine and decided to try my hand at making dolls for my daughters. These dolls were loved so much that they didn’t survive the test of time. However, the only doll to actually endure being drug through mud and snow, soggy boo boo tears, and goodnight hugs and kisses would be the one I made for my youngest daughter. (That doll is seen in the photo here, now being held by her oldest daughter).

It is from my memories of these very special handmade gifts that I would finally decide what the gift in The Curious Polka-Dot Present would be.

Now, as the proud grandma of six wonderful granddaughters, I take great pleasure in trying my hand at making them special little gifts. Remember, it’s not about what you make; it’s just simply about making some memories.


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