Meet Patricia M. Rose

“My art has been a wonderful journey of learning, one that I hope will never end.”

I maintain a studio in my home in Niles, Michigan, which I share with my husband Kenney and three cats. Our two sons are also in the arts, Vincent, our oldest son is a musician and Arthur is a professional artist. They are both married and we are now blessed with two beautiful grandchildren, Johnny who is one year old, and Mina who is three months.

As a freelance artist, my main interest is portraiture, but I also enjoy painting religious art and landscapes. Pastel is my favorite medium, although I also work in oil and in watercolor. Each medium has its own special qualities, which lends it to certain uses.

I have earned an Associates Degree from Southwestern Michigan College and I am working towards a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Western Michigan College. I continue my art education by taking classes and workshops from many noted artists including David Baker, Cathy McCormick, Ron Monsma, Joseph Fettingis, Robert Williams, Larry Blovits and Stephen Blackburn and I have also attended Oxbow in Saugatuck, Michigan hosted by The Art Institute of Chicago.

Recently, I branched out into illustration, collaborating with Cheri Hallwood, children’s author from my home town, Niles Michigan. Our exciting collaboration has produced two published books, “Winter’s First Snowflake” and “The Curious Polka-dot Present”. We are currently working on our third book, "One Wish for Winifred Witch", scheduled for release in 2009.